August 1, 2011

Guest Post! Lisa from Stilettos and Diaper BagsI

I am so honored to be over here guest blogging at Shaken Not Blurred. I hope everything is going amazing for and her family at this very exciting time!
My name is Lisa and I have a blog called Stilettos and Diaper Bags. One of my regular post is called "What guys really think" and it is done with my husband and I. Here is this weeks, What guys really think! 

Lisa: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have long hair so braids are key for the hot summer months. I learned how to do about every braid there is when I was younger with my BFF Gwen, and what I didn't know I looked up on YouTube. Aside from being extremely functional, I love how braids look! They give texture and style to punch up any outfit. This post really makes me wish my 7 month old had more hair. I can't wait to braid the heck out of her head! lol
In the meantime, I'll settle for lots of sexy braids for the summer. If you don't know how, learn! A lot of the styles are super easy. I really recommend using the videos on YouTube, there are TONS out there! In fact, I did a how to video on fishtail braids. Check it out here!

Ryan: Good topic babe, especially with Summer looming. Long-haired gals - you poor things. Every time it gets hot out, you have this BIG WEIGHT on your head that collects sweat, weighs you down & mats together on your forehead. I've had long-hair (the pics are out in cyberspace somewhere I'm afraid - shirtless & shouting no doubt) and I've shaved my head. Ladies - this is why lots of dudes shave their heads every summer - and also another reason why guys have it easier (yes, it's true). But I digress...I love the braids. Even though I looove to play contrarian to my wife whenever possible, she's right - this a great summer look! Maybe it stems from my life-long Star Wars/Princess Leia "thing." but it says "carefree," "sexy," & "summer" to me. Which, incidentally, both describes my wife & my favorite time of year! 

How to fishtail braid by Lisa!




  1. I am a huge braid lover. Great post Lisa! Now if I could just figure out the fishtail braid.

  2. I am trying to learn to braid so I can braid Peyton's hair. Not easy trying to learn to braid on a 12 mo old!

  3. Thanks for having me! ;)

  4. This is an absolutely brilliant idea for a series! I'm actually kind of jealous that your husband agrees to this, Lisa! And I'm so glad that braids are back in full force, quick and easy way to look great!


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